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Tipcem 13 Jo Kata with memory assist rhyme

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This is what Mori Sensei wrote in the description section of the latest video, "The Aiki Demo" on YouTube which is a good explanation about Aiki.

I share this video in the hope that people will understand Aiki more as a physical technique. I tried to explain the principle of how “Aiki” works as best as I could in this demonstration.

Since human bodies have many joints, power does not transmit as directly as you would think. For instance, it is easy to lock a wrist on its own, yet locking up the whole body with a wrist lock needs a high-level of skill. Aiki is the technique that can throw a person by making their body into one solid substance through locking the person’s necessary joints and by using an original point where contact is created.

To make the opponent’s body into one solid substance you need to stiffen their joints which are naturally separate and loose. It is possible to stop/restrain their movement and unite their joints by giving an impact similar to a shock wave. Once their body is stiffened, you can throw them by applying your concentrated body weight in a fraction of a second.

The shock of the impact creates a reaction of freezing one’s body, an instinct for self-preservation and Aiki takes advantage of this reflex. Then, you need to apply a second generation of power which should not be of muscular strength but focused power from one’s centre line created through your legs, hips and arms. Processing these two applications of power completes the Aiki technique. “Aiki” is nothing magical but purely physical.

Michiharu Mori

Mori Shihan 8th Dan Aikido Yoshinkan AUS 2021

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